Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hello All. This is a pre-post to our trip to the Northeast and the Canadian Maritimes. We are excited to say the least as the departure date is approaching quickly. We hope to make this interesting, entertaining, informative and educational. And most of all--FUN.. We will have a long way to go to make it as entertaining and fun as the emails send by our Canadian friends-Frances and Cletus, but will try none the less! We will both contribute to the text with Cliff probably doing most of the writing. And, as most of you are aware, the great photography will be provided by Linda. We will add a few notes prior to leaving Georgia and then get more frequent as the trip progresses. At our age we will need to make our notes in a timely fashion before we forget what we did.
Signing off for now. Blessings. Cliff

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