Monday, July 9, 2012

Acadia Historic Village

Acadia Historic Village is near Caraquet, New Brunswick.  Brief history of the French Acadians:   There were around 10,000 of them in the Southern part of New Brunswick when the British won control of the area.  They refused to sign a treaty with the British so were rounded up and deported to Southern Louisiana in the late 1700's.   The Canjuns were the descendants of they early settlers.   A lot of them died on the ship ride to Louisiana.  A few either escaped deportation or finally made their way back to New Brunswick.  The Historic Village   has moved original structures of the early Acadians to the park and reconstructed a village.  Local descendants of the Acadians play the parts of the early settlers and do it very well.  They tend their gardens and livestock, bake bread, dye yarn, cook wonderful meals, teach school.   When you visit the park, it's like going back 200 years and viewing their life style. 

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