Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Prince Edward Island

The bridge to PEI was built in 1997 at the cost of $1 billion and is 8 miles long.  We were worried about the wind pulling the rig across, but the crossing was great.   Quite a site.  Before the bridge, they used ferries and during the winter when the water was frozen they used ferries with skids. 

The first full day we took a bus tour of the island to see Anne of Green Gables estate and various other places.   The second day Cliff & I drove up to the tip of the Western part of the island to North Cape.  Not such a spectacular drive, but we did get to see them harvesting Irish Moss.   They use large draft horses pulling baskets to scoop up something that looks like seaweed.  The horses are led into the ocean about belly deep then led back onto the beach for the baskets to be unloaded.  They take this Irish Moss and dry it to make a substance called carageenan.  Talking to one of the women that was helping with this process, she said it's very hard work, but very profitable.

Last night the girls went to see Anne of Green Gables musical in Charlottetown.  Very nice play, but nothing the guys would enjoy.

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