Sunday, July 15, 2012

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Port Royal Habitation is a reconstruction of a small French compound begun in 1605.  It was home of the earliest European settlements on this continent.  Mi'kmaq Indians lived along these shores for centuries and it was here that the French and the Mi'kmaq formed an enduring friendship and alliance.   The Habitation survived until 1613 when it was destroyed in an attack by Captain Samuel Argail of Virginia.   A wealthy lady from Virginia helped fund the reconstruction of the fort.

Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal.  The control of this fort changed hands seven times between the British and the French.  It's adjacent to the downtown area in Annapolis Royal.

Digby, Nova Scotia has the largest fleet of scallop fishing boats in the world.  We not only bought a couple of lbs from the market on the wharf in Digby, but also had dinner  (scallops of course) overlooking the wharf watching the boats bringing their catch in.

Garrison Graveyard tour in Annapolis Royal.  It contains the oldest epitaph in Nova Scotia, 1720, recording the tomb of Bathiah Douglass.  Our flamboyant tour guide led us through_ the graveyard after dark.  We all were carrying candle-lit lanterns.  He told us about several of the famous and colorful people that were buried here.  He can track his ancestors back 10 generations to the original Acadians.

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