Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Gaspe Forillon National Park

Perce, Quebec—Gaspe. This is our last day in the Gaspe and  I will miss this very beautiful part of North America.

In 2009 the National Geographic Society designated the Gaspesie as the third most beautiful  destination in the world. After being here for six days I can understand the rational of such a decision.

The first two nights were in Metis-sur-Mer. The main attraction there was the Redford Gardens. The next two nights were in Cap-aux-Os where we visited the Forillon National Park. The views were breathtaking and whale watching was splendid. We did have to dry camp for those two days but we had a great spot on the water. Yesterday we moved 62 miles on to Perce, a beautiful village with great restaurants and shops. Last night we had dinner at La Maison du Pecheur. This is the place Frances Shea told us about where the radicals plotted to assassinate the Prime Minister in 1970. The attempt failed but a high ranking Quebec Minister was killed. The food was fantastic.

Homestead of a family in the late 1800's.  They were cod fisherman,  catching and drying tons of cod to ship back to England and France.

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