Monday, August 20, 2012

Hopewell Rocks

Located on the Bay of Fundy which lies between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  The difference between high and low tides can vary as much as 50 feet depending on the position of the sun and moon.   The day we were there it was about a 34 foot difference.
 6 hours later at low tide.

At low tide, there's mud as far as the eye can see.  At high tide this is all water.  The semiplamated sandpiper migrates to the Bay of Fundy during August to feed on a very small mud shrimp about the size of a grain of rice.  The females come first and eat thousands of these little shrimp during a 2 week period before they migrate to South America.  The males come next for 2 weeks and then the chicks.  They fly totally across the ocean before they land in South America.   

 These Hopewell Rocks are called flower pots because of the trees and vegetation growing on top.

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