Friday, August 17, 2012

Louisbourg, Nova Scotia

The replica of the Fort of Louisbourg was constructed partially for the purpose of putting people back to work after the fishing industry was shut down in the early 1990's. It cost $25 million, and is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Nova Scotia. Again the French and the English fought over this area with the English finally winning out.

 We attended two different performances at the Louisbourg Playhouse next to our campground.  The building was actually constructed by Disney for a movie they made 20 years ago.  It was located at the fort and then moved to downtown Louisbourg for the town to use as a playhouse. 
 This performance is called a "Ceileigh" (pronounced kay-lee).  It's a group of musicians with different instruments getting together and just having a "jam fest".  Most of the time it's just casual get-togethers, but this was a professional group playing for us.
This group was called Men of the Deep.  To be a member you have to have worked in the mines at least two years.   Both performances were fabulous.

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