Sunday, August 5, 2012

Twillingate, Newfoundland

View near lighthouse at Twillingate.

Two Fin whales (mom and baby).  The adults are around 60 ft. long.
Long Point lighthouse.
Very proud of his cod he just caught.  Showing it off to our whale watching tour group.
Downtown view of Twillingate and boat we took on the whale watching tour.
Museum at causeway leading to Twillingate Island.

Dave (the man below) put this museum together and runs it.  He brings tour groups through and shows them a video of moving his father's fishing shack (called a stage) from his hometown by water to this current location where the museum was built.  When his father was very old he told his only son that his stage would probably just fall into the ocean someday.  Dave was determined not to let that happen.   It is now used to demonstrate how to clean and salt cod.  The surrounding buildings also house an art museum and old photo's of Twillingate's earlier days.  It's a very popular musuem.

The liver is removed from the cod and then put in these containers to ferment.  Soon you have Cod Liver Oil.  Pretty disgusting.
Dave's father's stage.
Getting ready to go out and get their quota for the day:  15 per boat or 5 per person.
A man from Covington, Georgia bought this old church and is renovating it into a home.  Of course he spends that winters in Georgia.
We hiked to the top of this mountain overlooking Pike's Arm.  We could see 360 degrees.  Cliff stopped and asked a man in this town for directions.  His name was Ivan Cutler.  We hadn't talked to him for just a few minutes, and Ivan invited Cliff to go fishing with him.  His wife came out of their house and invited us in for coffee and cake.  We had to turn them down, because of a show we had to be at.  That's just how these Newfoundlanders are.  Very friendly.

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