Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tidal Bore Raft Trip

This is on the Bay of Fundy on the Nova Scotia side.  The tidal bore is caused by a clash of the tides coming in and out of this inlet.  We went on this raft trip during the 2nd week in July, but my disposable camera got wet and I didn't have any pictures to share on the blog.  Our wagon masters surprised us with a CD of this great day during our farewell banquet.  A funny story I'll have to share:  As you see in the pictures, we got totally wet from head to toe.   The zodiac drivers were trying to swamp the boats.  Ours did a very good job.  It felt like you were sitting in a bath tub the boat was so full of water.  Well after we got back to camp,  Cliff told me I really should not have been wearing those leopard print underwear.  I was mortified.  How was I to know that you could see through those pants when they are soaking wet!!  Oh well!!  Next time I go on a zodiac raft ride, believe me I'll have the right color underwear on.

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