Wednesday, August 15, 2012

St. Anthony's Newfoundland

A hi-lite of this whole trip was the resident moose in our campground at St. Anthony’s. He just hung around devouring a lot of vegetation, and did not seem to mind us getting close to take pictures. Our Wagon Master told us the same moose has been there for at least 4 years. They got to see him when he was pretty young.

Sr. Wilfred Grenfell was the first doctor to come to Northern Newfoundland.  He was moved by the great need for medical treatment for the destitute fisherman in Labrador and Newfoundland.  The hospital in St. Anthony’s is named after him and his home built in 1900 sits above the bay.   
Tile art pictures in lobby of the Grenfell Memorial Hospital in St. Anthony's. 

At the tip of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula, L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site is the only authenticated Norse site in North America.  The Vikings explored and lived briefly in this area they called Vinland more than 1,000 years ago.  Archaeological digs done in the 1960’s has discovered several buildings of that era.  A replica of the village has been constructed. 

The owner of this shop had a friend bring in his 2 Newfoundlands.  They were a big hit with our group.

We were treated to a Viking dinner.  The chief (in grey) was holding trial. 

Eva (in purple) accused the owner of Adventure Caravans (Ron) of sleeping on the job.  I was called as a witness (and "yes" he was sleeping on the job).  The sentence was that he had to treat us all to ice cream.

 St. Anthony's from across the harbor.
Hurrying to catch his daily quota of 5 cod.  At the time of this picture, there were only 2 more days they were allowed to fish for cod for the year.  All of his catch this time were over 10 lb's each.

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